Laurie Lang

Crossing Over

Laurie Lang on Bass
Beautiful Friends

Showcases a variety of original improvisational expressions with 23 musicians. (1996)


Laurie Lang – bass

Vocalists - Kelly Larsen, Dorothy Holloway, Laurie Lang, Jan Martinet, John Becker, Chris Wagoner, Mary Gaines, Terry Tarrow, Precious Afolayan, Jane Viste, Paul Lanser

Precussionists - John Becker, Steve Ostwald, Marilyn FIsher, Jim Huwe

Bone - Joel Adams, Jerry Martin

Piano - Stan Godfriaux, Brad Pregeant

Clarinet - Dave McGreggor

Trumpet - Doc DeHaven

Banjo - Mike Carrol

Guitar - Bob Westfall

Violin - Chris Wagoner

Cello - Mary Gaines

Harpsichord - Brad Pregeant

Visual Art - Bobbette Rose

Photography - Penny Seaberg, Bobbette Rose

Production - Laurie Lang, Randy Green, Steve Ostwald

All songs composed & arranged by Laurie Lang ©1996 Mantle Music, except Rivers of Babylon by B. Dove and F. McNaughton; Who Will Buy? by Lionel Bart; Mantle by Dorothy Holloway and Laurie Lang. ©1996 Mantle Music, all rights reserved.

There are moments on most days when I feel a deep and sincere gratitude, when I sit at the open window and there is a blue sky or moving clouds.

— Kathe Kollwitz

Beautiful Friendship

Beautiful Friendship

Winter: A Joyful Peace

A Joyful Peace